UI/UX designer for e-commerce and healthcare.

Treat iOS App

Scheduling vet visits, trainers, and finding the best products for a pet is a disjointed, unenjoyable experience for pet owners.

We designed an app that allows pet owners to easily photo/video/text message and schedule appointments with their vet and trainer. Pet owners also purchased prescriptions and other vet-recommended pet supplies through the app.

Project Role: User Research, UI/UX Design

Treat Branding

Treat Branding

Before I joined the team, Treat used design contractors and agencies.

I wanted to maintain some branding continuity, but also needed to evolve the brand to more accurately reflect Treat. 

We kept the original color palette, but I decided to change the typeface from Lato to Colfax. Lato, a font popularized by Slack, is great for readability. However it was a bit unrefined for Treat's brand as a pet healthcare app. We switched the typeface to Colfax across all platforms, which better reflected Treat's identity as a friendly, yet credible pet healthcare company.

Once I developed the UI elements to match Treat's brand, I created style guide to scale production. This was essential to avoid reinventing UI assets.